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Every day, a fifth of the world’s oil supply is produced in the Arabian Gulf and transported through the Straits of Hormuz.   Understanding this region is critical to understanding energy markets and their impact on the global economy.  Unfortunately, this is also a region where decision-making remains opaque.  Successfully understanding regional developments and their impact on markets requires an experienced, well-connected guide.

Who We Are

Since 2010, Arabia Analytica has served as a political and economic navigator for firms interested in the Middle East, Russia and energy markets.  Arabia Analytica is a team of former diplomats, trade negotiators, bankers, journalists, and academics.  We maintain an extensive network of relationships across the Middle East, North Africa, and Russia.  We have over seventy years of combined experience in these regions.

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What We Do

Arabia Analytica provides information and analysis that goes well beyond what is available from the internet or English language press.  We are fluent in local languages and monitor both the Arabic and Russian media daily.  We maintain our own broad contact network through frequent travel to the region.  One of our partners is based in Dubai.   We regularly analyze political networks and prepare detailed relationship maps by country and sector.   We utilize proprietary Artificial Intelligence programs based on predictive analytics to help assess probabilities of the most complex issues.  We have access to sophisticated market research and polling capabilities in the Middle East.  Our local knowledge based on long experience and personal contacts combined with state of the art analytical tools give us our edge.  They allow us to replace misinformation and rumor with an accurate understanding of how political events affect economic fundamentals and asset prices

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Our Clients

Our clients have ranged from macro hedge funds and private equity firms to some of the world’s largest energy and industrial corporations.  We develop relationships with each client individually and tailor our delivery to their specific preferences regarding topics, timing and communication format.

Henry Hancock of Precision Macro Interviews Arabia Analytica Partners

Arabia Analytica* and its partners, Ambassador Michael Gfoeller & David Rundell, were introduced to Precision Macro by our Advisory Board member Bill Richards.  Mike and David have over 70 years of combined experience in diplomacy and statecraft in the Middle East, Russia, and Eastern Europe.  The quality of their analysis and information is extraordinary.

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